In concert

On stage with The Euphoric Hum (left) during the recent duo set at Phonophon - Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt. Picture by LDX#40 []

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On the Wire

“Lovers” was included in the most recent episode of BBC Lancashire’s weekly program on “eclectic and innovative” music, On the Wire by Steve Barker. Find this episode on their website, or have a glance at the overall track listing at the program’s very own blog site.

Lovers <3

Fwonk* [FW121], February 2014

Available at Fwonk*, free download

1. Lovers (3’20)
2. Lovers (Katarrhaktes remix) (4’14)

If someone said to you, “I’m going to play you a song about love”, what would you expect to hear? The basic ideas for LOVERS had been fostering for months, coming on the heels of last year’s full-length album, FEEDING LIONS. This standalone new track is ripe with tension, a recording both unrelenting and oddly beautiful, like the proverbial sound of cymbals crashing.

Ambience 1


1. All Is Lost - dir. J.C. Chandor
2. Sun Kil Moon: I Saw the Film The Song Remains the Same
3. Lustmord: Secret Thirteen mix 103
4. Cinnabar TEK: Sakura Fukushima
5. Pete Swanson / Jung an Tagen at Rhiz, Vienna
6. Senna - dir. Asif Kapadia

Leise, rauschend

“Piano-Enhanced Noise”: From September 2013, a short write-up by Marc Weidenbaum on last year’s collaborative improv recording by Phirnis and The Euphoric Hum, Leise, rauschend, initially assembled in late 2012. Thanks, Marc!

Phonographie 2

More info from on the upcoming duo performance with The Euphoric Hum on March 14:

Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 - Eintritt: 5 Euro


Phirnis / Euphoric Hum (D)
Kai Ginkel (aka Phirnis) arbeitet ausschließlich mit einem Laptop. Mit diesem kreiert er softwarebasierten Noise. Stephan Dragesser (aka The Euphoric Hum) spielt eine präparierte Gitarre und einen Sampler. Die enstehenden Sounds und Samples verarbeitet er mit einem Modularsystem weiter. Das 2013 gegründete Liveprojekt Phirnis und The Euphoric Hum spielt Improvisationen, die viel Raum für Unvorhersehbares lassen. Es entstehen geräuschhafte Klangtexturen, die durchaus etwas traumhaft Entrücktes haben können. Live präsentieren Ginkel und Dragesser so etwas wie ein “akustisches Zwielicht”, einen mit dem Gehör begehbaren Zwischenraum, und oszillieren dabei unaufhörlich zwischen Geräusch, Ton, Klang und Musik.

2013 - Disquiet Junto

Produced in December 2013.

This is my sole contribution to the Disquiet Junto in 2013.

From the original instructions: “This week’s project is a sound journal, an audio history of the past year. You will select a different audio element to represent each of the past 12 months of 2013. You will then select one 5-second segment from each of these audio elements. Then you will stitch these dozen 5-second segments together in chronological order to form 1 single 1-minute track. There should be no overlap or gap between segments; they should simply proceed from one to the next.”

Prior to this track I released a total of 18 new recordings throughout the past 12 months. Most of the snippets featured in this mix, however, were taken from unreleased material, some of which is probably going to come out sometime in the future. The very first snippet was taken from a joint improv recording I did with The Euphoric Hum. You’re going to hear more from this collaborative setting in 2014.

Previously released material: The July episode was taken from “Waves Approaching”, the fourth track off “Feeding Lions”; the August episode was taken from the "What" segment of the subsequent “audio interview” I did for Fwonk*; and lastly, the November snippet was taken from a basic recording that is part of “Whiteout 2”.

More on this 104th Disquiet Junto project at:

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Whiteout 2

Produced in November 2013.
Largely derived from the same source recordings as “Whiteout 1”.

Off the Fwonk* christmas compilation album, “Let Steeple Bells Be Swungen” [FW114], out December 19th:

Vuzh mix 2013

Happy to see “The Craving” featured in this new Notable Netlabel Music of 2013 mix by Vuzh Music. There’s a corresponding blog post on the Vuzh label site presenting no less than 57 netlabel releases worth hearing, “Feeding Lions” being listed as a “can’t miss” item among them.